“I am the Black Madonna, the ultimate Divine Mother,
she who wraps her arms around you in times of transition
dissolving the old and birthing the new.”
~ Black Madonna ~


Welcome to the “Black Madonna Diaries”, a series of books, diaries, and music guiding us on a journey into the depth of Love to realize and embody our own Divinity. The story is mine, our esteemed escort is the Black Madonna offering her daily wisdom. Each volume in the series traverses different landscapes of the world, each with it’s own unique “rites of passage”. I invite you to walk in our footsteps in this ongoing journey, because although the circumstances may differ, we are all facing similar challenges during our spiritual awakening.

Although Madonna’s diary passages are present in each volume, companion diaries are available for those who would like to have a personal copy of her original words. Some of her passages have been transformed into vocals accompanied by my harp. This music, “Embrace A New World” is available for digital download at Amazon.


Welcome Home . . . 

The Black Madonna has stepped off the religious pedestal upon which we have placed her. As the Living Madonna with arms open wide, she invites us “home, into our heart-space” to a personal intimate relationship with her in our everyday lives.

Creating her own present day renaissance of the heart, she walks amongst us in Love and Compassion as we enter a new era of Awakening for all of humanity. She invites us to rise above the upheavals of our planetary epic changes by reawakening to Divine Love and reclaiming the Wisdom that resides within each of us. She gently shepherds us through the “rites of passage”, opening our hearts and minds to rekindle our passion and fulfill our heart's yearnings with more love, compassion and joy than we can possibly imagine.

The story I’m about to share is a journey of transformation that began with a heart’s calling. Although I’ve lived every step of this story I can’t lay claim to the journey itself. For this isn’t my journey, it’s our journey. If you’re reading these words, it’s because you’ve also heard the call. Although you and I may have responded differently, the yearning to embody our Divinity is a common bond between us.

I invite you to join me on the adventures of Awakening with the Black Madonna via the “Black Madonna Diaries” series of books, diaries and music CDs. Join our footsteps across multiple continents, share our daily sojourns and bask in her personal messages of enlightenment.


The Holy Child has Awakened

within the hearts of each of us

Can you feel the stirrings?
The pushing and gentle prodding to leave the suffering and pain behind to fully open to our joy, passion, and playfulness. The logical mind is no longer in control as the child pushes its way into our everyday lives showing us an alternate way to live and enjoy life in new unexplored avenues.

Are you listening?
Can you hear the whispers encouraging us to bring forth our creative genius? Not through hard work and toiling the hours away, but through playfulness and delight in all our endeavors. Can you hear the songs of the cherubs with the soft giggles between the verses? The songs are ours and the giggles are just waiting to bubble to the surface.

The seeds of creativity,
are pushing upward through the soil of our minds, much as a child pushes through the birth canal. Are you willing to reacquaint yourself with the dormant seeds that you have ignored and put aside, allowing them to surface, to nurture them once again?

Be aware!
As the Holy Child, the teacher has awakened and will not hesitate to speak the truth. Are you ready to hear it?

The Holy Child within each of us carries the gifts of purity, innocence, playfulness and joy, fulfilling our prophecies of hope to bridge the gap across all cultural boundaries and create a new enlightened reality together.

Your Holy Child is ready to usher in the new era of the Divine Human.
Are you ? ?

Revelations of Love

Black Madonna Diaries Volume I


Black Madonna Diary

Companion diary to "Revelations of Love"



Divinely Human

Black Madonna Diaries, Volume II


Black Madonna Diary II

Companion diary to "Divinely Human"


Welcome to the “Black Madonna Diaries”, a series of books, diaries, and music guiding us on a journey into the depth of Love to realize and embody our own Divinity.

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Enjoy reading the original intimate messages from the Black Madonna in the companion diaries to the books “Revelations of Love” and “Divinely Human”.

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Join me with my harp on a musical spiritual journey to relax into your heart, soar with the angels, and receive blessings from the divine.

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