Peace Amongst the Chaos


“Finding peace can be a challenge when your lives have been turned upside down through painful circumstances, or when the media is constantly throwing barbs at you. But attaining peace does not need to be a struggle. Divine Peace is a gift of grace. Yeshua/Jesus spoke of the “peace that passeth understanding”. This divine peace doesn’t have any requirements. It doesn’t attempt to elude chaos, empty the mind of its chatter, or delete worry. It’s a divine safety net that will always catch you if you fall, bringing comfort to your weary body, mind, and spirit. You can’t buy this peace, you can’t summon it. You can only surrender to the Peace that is already Who You Are.

Love, Peace, and Joy emanate from the Grace of the Divine. They are your inner refuge. No matter how many emotional ups and downs you experience, they are always present to carrying you through. They are steadfast. They do not falter. They do not have ups and downs as you hurdle through your adventurous journey of life. They will cheer you on as you experience the thrills. They will embrace you when loneliness or sadness seeps in. They will guide and support you for the most advantageous outcome. Most importantly they will always reflect the True You, rather than the illusive emotions that waft in and out of your mind like storm clouds.

The emotional body is eventually absorbed into the Lightbody and emotions are transmuted into senses in rapport with your divine wisdom. As multidimensional beings, you are able to experience simultaneous senses, rather than the duality of either-or, right-wrong, good-bad. For instance feeling sad because something has come to an end while simultaneously feeling joyous for the freedom it allows you. There is no war between them, no guilt, no angst. Once you step out of the collective consciousness into your own sovereignty, you’re able to utilize your feelings and senses as your intuitive navigation system aligned with your GodSelf, no longer stuck in the mires of duality.

The roller coaster of life continues it’s spirals and loops. It doesn’t care which seat you choose. You can sit in the front or the back. You can choose a first class seat or be satisfied with whatever seat happens to be available. Only you can decide what kind of ride you desire. First class seats of Love, Peace, and Joy are always available. The only price to be paid is your willingness to make a choice.”~Black Madonna~
(excerpt from Black Madonna Diaries, Volume III)
~ Sharon Lyn Shepard ~

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Sharon Lyn Shepard is a modern day mystic, visionary, dream weaver, melody maker, and maestro of words. She speaks from beyond the limitations of the human mind sparking our passion and offering glimpses to discover our own soul’s wisdom.

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