Black Madonna Diaries

~ midwifing the Divine Human


        Enjoy reading passages from the original diary in the personal words of the Black Madonna. I highly suggest you begin with the earliest entries to experience the gentle process of awakening as a warm blanket of peace, love and joy. Consider turning to a random page when you need wisdom or support during a difficult passage in life. Or use it as a daily meditation of empowerment.  Her words are timeless, as appropriate today as they were the day she first spoke them.

Welcome Message from the Black Madonna ~
My Dear Beloved Ones,
I invite you to join me as we step off the human pedestal of unattainable perceived perfection into the passages of our hearts where every action is already divinely perfect in the essence of Love. 
Trust yourself enough to go beyond your old limitations into the embrace of Divine Love to create new realities. Open to your divine wisdom, expanded perceptions and a new way of being in the world. Dive deeply to find the juicy passion, joy of life and secret of creation that lies within you as creative geniuses in physical form embodying the power of Source. 
Together, we are birthing new realities 
in a new era of the Divine Human.
 Ahhhhh . . . what sweet pleasure and delight await us as we re-enter the garden kingdom that we left so very long ago. Take a moment to be still, remember, and breathe it all in. 
The beauty and wealth of the Universe is available to all of us. Connect with the truth of our lost knowledge buried for thousands of years. Open to an expanded consciousness as together, we revisit places within ourselves that were vacated eons ago, places that hold the secrets of the ages which have been concealed for longer than you know. Transcend separation and duality to return balance to the current world and cultivate new harmonious relationships for our children and our children's children.

Are you ready to receive? If so, I offer the keys to initiate the creation of a new era in human history. Be free of the old bonds. Leaving fear, struggle, pain and suffering behind, there only exists effortless love, joy, passion and the ability to create all we have ever dreamed. Accept the abundance of infinite creative energy and experience how juicy life can be. It's time to live in our full passion! 

Rejoice beloved ones! Rejoice! The mansion is finally ours! With our heart as the passport we unlock the doors to waltz through the ballrooms of dimensions of time with angels as our partners and music sublime. 

You now hold the keys to the ancient wisdom in your hands. Turn the lock and walk with me through the doorway into Divine Love to awaken to the Truth of who you are as a Divine Human in a glorious physical body.
Eternal Blessings of Love and Joy,       
Your Beloved Madonna
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Enjoy these pages from the Black Madonna Diaries, scripted in my hand through her voice during our journeys of spiritual awakening. Although her words are beautiful in and of themselves, her essence will touch your heart and immerse you in love. Allow her to wrap her arms around you in times of need, empower you in times of challenge, and take you beyond your mind into the juicy depth of your heart to create your own heaven on earth.

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