Revelations of Love

Black Madonna Diaries Series, Volume I

Jump into the passenger seat of my little red convertible and surrender to our navigator, the Black Madonna in a magical adventure of Self discovery. Traverse the breathtaking vistas of Spain and southern France to discover the mystery of Love and the reality of miracles!

Rites of Passage

Into the Mystery of Love

As the Initiate
we step out of our mind and into the Truth of Love
to reveal our unconscious limiting thoughts, beliefs, and emotions.

As the Apprentice
we transcend our deep-rooted limitations
by trusting our own innate Love to make new conscious choices.

As the Adept
we become the expression of Love, Joy and Wisdom
that naturally unfolds in alignment with our Soul’s purpose.


Revelations of Love 

Black Madonna Diaries Volume I



Divinely Human 

Black Madonna Diary Series, Volume II

Continue the adventure with the Black Madonna in the second book of this series. Cross the Atlantic with us to Austin Texas, Sedona Arizona, Philadelphia Pennsylvania and Saint Lucia in the West Indies.  Free yourself of your archaic beliefs about life and cultivate a new way of being in the world as a Divine Human.

Rites of Passage  

Emergence of the Divine Human 

As the Caterpillar,
we voraciously seek out and devour
everything in our immediate environment.

In the Chrysalis,
we digest and distill all our acquired wisdom
allowing the expansion and embodiment of our consciousness.

As the Butterfly,
we transcend duality, spread our wings, and fly
as the Divine HumanGod incarnate, in harmony with all of Creation.

Divinely Human

Black Madonna Diaries, Volume II


Companion Diaries 

Black Madonna Diaries, Volume 1 & 2

Enjoy reading the original intimate messages of the Black Madonna in these diaries as the perfect companion to the books “Revelations of Love” and “Divinely Human”. Read them in sequence to experience your own inner journey of enlightenment. Turn to a random page when you need wisdom or a warm blanket of support during a difficult passage in life. Or use it as a daily meditation of empowerment.

Madonna’s diary is a living codex that carries the energies of her infinite wisdom, love, compassion, and joy into our daily lives. Her words are a sacred gift of support for humanity’s transition into our expansion of consciousness through the upcoming years. I invite you to revisit these passages often for the mystic of these words continue to transform themselves with each re-reading as we continue to journey together in our ever-expanding consciousness.



Black Madonna Diaries

Companion diary to “Revelations of Love”
Companion diary to “Divinely Human”