Winter Solstice Celebration 2019

Black Madonna just put me on task to redo her whole altar, ordering me about with her directives. She usually does this a week or so before our Winter Solstice Celebration, but this feels way early.

She had me buy her a silver chalice and offering bowl to celebrate Solstice. Although she has been gifted with ritual accoutrements by others, her altar is usually quite simple with articles of nature. This is the first time she has asked me to purchase something like this for her. She’s now draped in a black silk scarf bordered in red roses, flanked by two golden candles, surrounded by crystals, and holding a faerie wand in her hand. The whole time I’m doing this my body is spinning with little eddies of energy throughout my whole being. Simultaneously, I’m feeling the whole Omniverse spinning with us as she reveals herself as the primordial womb and genesis of Creation. All this time, my tears of JOY are flowing.

She then had me create a wreath of Cedar boughs from our faerie forest to hang overhead and decorate all my window sills with cedar boughs, candles, and faerie lights. I have never seen her look so Regal. Something EXPANSIVE is afoot in these next few weeks!!! And it’s being birthed anew in Love and Joy.


~Sharon Lyn Shepard~
“Black Madonna Diaries”
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Heaven on Earth

Mother Mary invites us to live “Heaven on Earth”~

The Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Mother Mary, celebrated every year on August 15, commemorates the assumption of Mother Mary, body and soul, into Heaven. Each of us have been handed a Sacred Invitation to live Heaven on Earth… Body and Soul… Here and Now.

artwork: Mother Mary with Child by Nanette Crist