Order of the Magdala

Excerpt from “Revelations of Love”, Black Madonna Diaries, volume I:

Magdalyn takes my hands in hers and locks onto my eyes, “Remember, my Beloved, you are a Magdalyn. The Order of Magdala is the feminine aspect of Creation, midwifing new ages and new universes. Whereas the masculine Order of Melchizedek gives form, holds it in place and protects it, the feminine recycles the old and gives birth to the new. There have been many Magdalas and there has always been at least one Magdala and one Melchizedek on the planet. At this time, every Magdala and Melchizedek that has ever incarnated is on the planet during this unprecedented shift in consciousness for humanity.

Just as the name Mary was an honorific title bestowed upon a wise woman in ancient times, Lyn is the honorific title bestowed upon one who is fully committed to the Order of Magdala. You, Sharon-Lyn are a Magdalyn fully committed to this shift in consciousness. This is what we are here to do. This shift will allow many humans to birth into a new universe of their choosing.” ~Mary Magdalyn~

Sharon Lyn Shepard
Black Madonna Diaries
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