“Love is only a mystery
to those who fear it.
Once you taste of Divine Love,
you will settle for nothing less in your life.”
~Black Madonna~

Sharon Lyn Shepard

Mystic ~ Writer ~ Musician

Sharon Lyn Shepard is a modern day mystic, visionary, dream weaver, melody maker, and maestro of words. Her prose and music open hearts, transcend minds, and expand our consciousness, awakening us to our innate Divinity to access our own soul’s wisdom. Because she has a conscious foot in multiple worlds, she is adept at articulating and grounding the essence and transformations we are experiencing during our journey of Self-Realization.

After retiring from her professional career as a physical therapist, energetic healer, ordained minister, and spiritual coach, she spent seven years following her divine guidance as a bohemian world traveler. Through her multi-cultural experiences she has come to realize all the travails of life are opportunities to expand our consciousness amidst our Soul journey of self-Love and Self-remembrance to ignite the infinite magnificence lying dormant within each of us.

Sharon has learned to create her own reality as heaven on earth. Her mystic writings, books, and harp music transcend our minds, taking us to the deepest recesses of our hearts to dip into our passion and overflowing cauldron of miracles to celebrate life with love and joy. Her words are an invitation to expand our consciousness, embody our GodSelf, and celebrate the bounty of every precious moment.

After years of travel, Sharon has settled in the Pacific NW where she has made her home in the midst of a forest on an island in the Puget Sound. She spends her time writing, composing music on her harp, gardening, and playing with the faeries of the forest.


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A Sacred Sanctuary of Rest, Repose, Wisdom,
and Expanded Consciousness


I invite you to visit my website where I offer a Sacred Sanctuary free of the noise and distractions of daily life, a place of rest, repose, wisdom, and rejuvenation.

Here you will find “Wisdom of the Inner Voice” a treasure trove of my poetry with accompanying artwork and a category list for your searching ease, for example: love, compassion, clarity, courage, joy, or freedom. Share my zest for life and exuberance for creation on my blog “Divine Musings”.

May these offerings provide comfort in knowing you are not alone as we share this adventure of ever-expanding consciousness to create a new reality for our world. I encourage you to relax into its safe haven of serenity and nurturance as a touch stone for your enlightenment.

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A Personal Message from Sharon

Many people have mentioned, “I wish I had a Madonna to guide me as you do.” 

This is my response: We all have a Black Madonna. Look in the mirror and there she is, the feminine face of God reflected as You, whether you are a man or woman. Some call our divinity God, Goddess, Allah, Creator, Great Spirit, Source, or our Higher Self. We all hear the Divine in the manner in which we can most intimately relate. 

All my life, I’ve been living as a male in a female body, defined by the patriarchy. I needed to open my heart and cherish the feminine aspects I had so adeptly tucked away. Only then could I co-create in harmony with my sacred masculinity in the womb of Creation. As the amalgamation of all aspects of the Divine Feminine, the Black Madonna was the perfect docent for my inner journey to discover my Self as the Divine. She could just as easily show up as the Faerie Queen. So don’t allow your mind to limit her proficiency in showing up in the most perfect role to expand your heart and support your Self-realization.

When I took that first precarious step in 1999, tossing my known persona with all my diplomas and credentials to the wind, I had no idea what awaited me. Although there have been some birthing pains, it has been a pregnancy of love, compassion, healing, and forgiveness for myself as well as many others along the way. Just as you, I have given up a lot in my life. Transformation is not always comfortable from our physical sense. However, I do know that through it all, we are eternally blessed and live by the amazing grace of the Goddess. 

Originally, I thought Madonna’s messages were personal, to realize my self love, inner wisdom, and infinite joy, all pointing toward some higher purpose. The truth is, Divine Love is the Highest purpose. 

Humanity is shifting into a new heart-centered reality rooted in this Divine Love. The Black Madonna has stepped forward to midwife humanity into our next phase of evolution. Her enlightened messages need to be heard by the many rather than the few, so we encourage you to share them. It is her intent that we realize the expanded truth of who we are as the embodiment of God in a glorious physical body.

May we inspire you to fall deeply in love with your Self, discover your inner wisdom, joyfully rekindle your hidden passions, and reclaim your own Divinity. Most importantly, I invite you to join us in co-creating a new era of Love for all humanity.

Blessings of Love and Joy,
Sharon and Madonna

Additional note:
For more a more expanded perspective of the Black Madonna, I recommend the article “The Return of the Black Madonna: A Sign of Our Times; How the Black Madonna Is Shaking Us Up for the Twenty-First Century” by Michale Fox.