Rites of Passage

In the first volume of the Black Madonna Diaries, Revelations of Love, Madonna introduces us to the Rites of Passage that will be experienced in this journey of the heart.

In the words of the Black Madonna:

“What you are about to embark upon is a commitment equivalent to the Rites of Passage into the Revelations of Love as taught in the ancient Mystery Schools. The initiates in ancient Egypt frequented the inner chambers of the temples and pyramids to access universal wisdom for transformation. As an initiate of the twenty-first century, you are utilizing the chambers of the heart and the fires of everyday life for your alchemical transformation.

“Do not take it lightly, but neither fear the process for it is one of empowerment, meant to expand your heart, mind and soul. As we begin the process, I shall walk in front of you as a teacher and guide. After you gain your footing, we shall walk side by side as companions. Eventually, you will step into your own Mastery and I will be delighted to support you in all of your creative endeavors.  ~ Black Madonna ~